Land and New Homes

Over the years JP & Brimelow have marketed an extensive selection of New Developments throughout the Chorlton, Didsbury and Withington areas. We have acted on behalf of both national and local independent developers selling a range of products including apartments, townhouses, semi and detached schemes as well as a number of single one-off projects

 Our experience in this area means that we are often able to source and advise on future developments and all our offices have staff who are trained and aware of the special requirements needed in the sale of such schemes

A number of recent clients include Hillcrest Homes, Crosby Homes, Thomas Jones & Sons, Seddon Homes, P.J. Livesey, Clarke Homes, Branley Homes and McCarthy & Stone just to name a few. At any given time all available schemes are displayed on this page with a number of future developments also in the pipeline.

Whether you’re curious about the whole process or have already made a start, we can really get things moving for you.


Has my land got potential?

Could land development be an option for me?


I’ve applied for planning consent

Could land development be an option for me?


I’ve had planning refused

What are my next steps?


I’ve had planning approved

What opportunities are open to me?


My site’s under construction

How can I get more out of the final stages?

At JP & Brimelow, we understand the unique nature of the surrounding area and the many attractions it has to offer. We have the enthusiasm and determination to actively market your property to the most likely occupier, irrespective of market conditions.

We move with the times, constantly keeping abreast of new technology, whilst remaining approachable with a strong commitment to customer service. Upon instruction, we will immediately contact our extensive client base to match the right buyer for your home.


John Pratt
0161 445 9700

Eddie Ellis
Chorlton & Didsbury
0161 882 2233

JP & Brimelow estate agents in Chorlton & Didsbury has been selected by a leading national network which will help it to continue to develop its expertise in the booming land and new homes sector.

The Land and New Homes Network (LNHN) spans the UK and brings the most professional, forward thinking and trusted non competing estate agents together to offer developers, property investors and home buyers an unparalleled service based on knowledge, experience and integrity. JP & Brimelow is now in strong position to provide land and development consultancy to clients and a specialised new homes sales service.

Eddie Ellis said... “We were very pleased to be selected as the LNHN’s agent for the South Manchester area. It means we can deliver even better results for our clients. Membership of the LNHN gives us access to national land and new homes experts who will be on hand to advise us when needed. The Government has made addressing the housing shortage a priority so with thousands of new homes needed we’ve been proactive to ensure our clients will benefit from the best advice and coverage available. The network’s national coverage means we have relationships with builders, developers, investors and estate agents from across the UK. This is good for anyone selling land or new homes with us, as it increases the amount of potential buyers enormously. And it means more choice and better quality for local people looking to buy a new home.”

Ian Stratford, Land and New Homes Network’s Managing Director, said... “We are really looking forward to working together with JP & Brimelow. They are exactly the type of agency we want as part of the network. They were selected for their professionalism, experience and their focus on delivering results for clients.”

If you own land or a property that you think might have development potential please call Eddie on 0161 882 2233 for a confidential conversation.

Some of our new built developments

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