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The kettle is the first thing we unpack after moving house..

Main priorities for moving day revealed.

The kettle is the first thing we unpack when we move house because it turns out all we want after a stressful moving process is a cup of tea or coffee.

In a survey of 2,000 homeowners by UK housebuilder Redrow, more than half (58 per cent) revealed that unpacking the kettle is the very first thing they do. It’s hardly surprising – moving day is chaotic enough so once the final boxes are in, popping the kettle on for a cuppa is the perfect way to unwind (even if only for a mere five minutes) before all the unpacking begins.

Setting up the TV and getting online were also main priorities for moving day. Almost two-thirds (65 per cent) connected their TV in the first 24 hours, while 57 per cent set up their WiFi router during this timeframe too.