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This is the best day of the week to move house..

Moving house? It’s been a marathon effort and now the end is in sight: you’re almost at the point of exchanging contracts, agreeing a date for completion and getting the keys to your new home. You’re off to book the removals firm but which day should you move on?

According to research on the most popular day to move, some 41 per cent of us choose to move on Fridays, while 17 per cent go for Mondays. An equal amount (13 per cent) opt for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with very few moves at the weekend.

And it’s obvious why Fridays are the most popular. A Friday move gives you the weekend to unpack and settle in without too much disruption mid-week and having to eat into your holiday allowance.

But Friday’s popularity does also mean removals firms book up fast. And if there are delays in the transferring of funds, you could be homeless for the weekend.