in the know

Understanding and delivering value..

When it comes to building a successful Land & New Homes business, fostering trusted relationships goes hand-in-hand with demonstrating expert insight. We explore what estate agents can do to deliver a service that will be utilised and appreciated by developers.

Whereas many other industries have been hit hard by the rise of the internet, estate agency has endured. And broadly speaking, this can be attributed to two factors:

  • Estate agents have embraced the opportunities provided by the internet and use it to enhance the services they provide
  • The industry is still driven by on-the-ground insight and human relationships

The best agents have a street-by-street understanding of their area, a feel for what’s in vogue, and an eye on all the political, socio-economic, commercial and – ultimately – human factors that are likely to affect future demand. The appointment of an effective headmaster in a local school, rumoured plans for a new railway station, or even the rise of café culture in a particular street, can all make their mark on the local property market.

Crucially, agents looking to establish or develop a Land & New Homes operation must bring this insight to bear when building relationships with developers. In this sector of the business, estate agents occupy a unique place as conduit between supply and demand, and their influence can add real value to the developer’s offering and this in turn will add value to the local market.