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What does Brexit mean for house prices?

What would a vote to leave the European Union mean for homeowners and those trying to get on the ladder? 

As outlined below, many economists and politicians believe house prices will slump should Britain vote to leave the EU, driven lower by falling demand. At the same time, it is argued that the shortage of housing in the country won’t improve because a Brexit will sap investment into new homes and curb immigration of much-needed skilled workers into the construction sector.

However, the big caveat to bear in mind, whatever side of the fence you stand on, is that these figures are based on big assumptions. No one actually knows what will happen. Forecasters, from the Treasury to the IMF, very often get their figures wrong. Moreover, statistics can be manipulated. Prices in the property market are really based on confidence, and that is something that cannot be easily predicted by economists.

So, what are the numbers?