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Why the Chorlton and Old Trafford market is still a great investment..

Believe it or not, the buy-to-let sector is probably more appealing now than ever. It is true that some have been scared off by having to pay an extra three per cent on stamp duty and the generally less hospitable tax environment. However, there are fantastic deals to be had for the canny investor who thoroughly researches the market and works with a local expert.

The rental market in Chorlton and Old Trafford is very robust. Rising capital values have led to moderate yield compression but nothing which would lead a professional landlord to alter their strategy. In some areas, yields have strengthened as rents have outstripped price inflation.

Over the last couple of years, the rental market in the UK has been levelling out. Whereas a few years ago, the best opportunities for landlords were in London other areas have started to see increasing rental yields as the number of people choosing to rent instead of buy continues to grow. In Chorlton and Old Trafford the average yield across all property types is 5.6 per cent.

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