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What is kerb appeal?

We hear the term a lot, particularly when putting a home on the market, but what does kerb appeal mean?

In short, it’s the immediate attractiveness (or lack of attractiveness) of a property when seen on a drive past by a potential buyer. There’s a saying in business: you have seven seconds to make a first impression, and then opinions are formed that can take years to change. When you’re selling your home, that first impression will get people through the door – or not.

Here are 5 ways to give your home kerb appeal

Freshen up your front door.

If you have an older home – a Victorian or Edwardian terrace or semi, for example – the door will have a certain classic style, but the chances are you’ve not really paid it any attention of late, after all, you simply go through it to get where you really want to be. Stand on the pavement and give it a good look. Does it need a lick of paint? Do any glass inserts need tidying up, or even just a good wash? What about the hardware? Is the letterbox a bit wonky? Does the handle need a polish, or even replacing? And is the house number smart, prominent and clean? For uPVC front doors – make sure it’s clean (invest in a specialist uPVC cleaner if necessary), window glass is freshly washed and the door furniture is up to scratch. It’s a small effort for a big return.

Tidy the pathway

If you don’t already own one, get hold of a pressure washer and give any steps and your pathway a good clean. Pluck up any weeds between the flags, and brush any loose stones away. In a small space, a bowl of hot water and a wire scrubbing brush will do. A little bit of TLC will have a dramatic effect on the immediate look. Oh, and while you’re at it, if you have a gate – oil the hinges. There’s nothing like a creepy creak to put off a potential buyer…

Add a couple of pots

Who doesn’t dream of living in a house with bay trees each side of the door? This isn’t always feasible, of course, but a terracotta pot filled with seasonal flowers gives an immediate sense of home. Don’t forget – people buy a lifestyle, not simply bricks and mortar. And you will be taking it with you, so it’s no waste of money.

Scrub your window frames

When was the last time you looked at an external window frame? Window cleaners, wind, rain, pollution… they all leave their mark, and a refresh will give the immediate impression of a homeowner who cares about the maintenance of their home. Use a specialist cleaner on uPVC frames, or repaint wooden frames. While you’re out there, check how your internal window dressings look from the outside. Blinds that are broken, curtains not pulled back evenly, even a ceiling light with bulbs not working can be seen from outside, and don’t give the best impression.

Add lighting

A porch light, or a security light, is a must-have. If you already have an external power supply, fit a light that suits your home’s age. If you already have one, check the bulb! If you don’t have a power supply, look into solar powered lights. You can run small lights along the pathway and solar powered wall-lights are easy to source and fit. It’s less about security than just presenting that warm feeling of coming home, which is all your potential buyers want.

(Picture used from Farmhouse in Chorlton Green).

Eddie – Monday 9th May 2022.