Open house viewing tips

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Here at JP & Brimelow we share the top tips to ensure you get the most from your open house day

In an age of online house hunting, don’t be misled into thinking buyers won’t take up an open house day opportunity. From looking online, to viewing a property in person and making an offer, open house days are a modern approach to house selling which aims to make the process easier and more accessible for buyers.

It’s also worth remembering that hosting a JP & Brimelow style open house day can encourage new buyers and sellers to register and prompt many to view properties they might have otherwise ignored. Here, we give you the top tips on how to prepare for an open house day.


Prepare your house weeks in advance
Declutter. Put items in storage (Manchester Self Storage), clean and add personal touches such as fresh flowers and scented candles. Keep décor neutral and the lights on to ensure there are no awkward or dark corners.

Groom your garden
The front garden is often the first thing a potential viewer will see and one of the most underrated selling tools. Mow the lawn, keep plants looking fresh and colourful and put out any garden furniture for an added lifestyle touch in the back garden.

Hide your pets on the day
Respect the fact that many people might not be dog or cat lovers like you. What’s more, you don’t want to put off any potential buyers with a bad smell.


Get too involved with viewers
We will accompany your viewings, we are here to help potential buyers navigate their way around the property.

Get carried away with demand
Remember buyers won’t say what they are truly thinking if the seller is present on the day. Most viewers will be polite and pleasant and that could encourage a presuming seller to raise the price. Beware of falling into this trap! All your hard work could be undone if a buyer is not prepared to pay what you’re asking.

Prevent access from certain parts of the home
This will only set alarm bells ringing. If it’s clutter you’re hiding, rent out storage space. It’s unrealistic to expect buyers to commit to purchasing your home when they can’t see all of it.

So if you’re in the market for selling, make sure you contact one of the JP & Brimelow offices here in Chorlton 0161 882 2233, Didsbury 0161 448 0622 and Withington on 0161 445 9700.