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A little bit of verbal love

 We all make choices based on recommendations and as your local independent estate agent its absolutely vital that we can provide you with all of this information at the touch of a button. Everyone wants to believe they’re good at what they do. We’re only as good as our clients say we are, and this is what some of them have said…

Hi Jodie, We have been very busy house hunting here in Glasgow. Our comment on your service is “this estate agent did everything on the tin and more”. Thank you for all your assistance in selling our home. Kind regards A and M Call the Chorlton & Didsbury team on 0161 882 2233.
Palatine Road, Northenden

Hi Eddie

For some reason James and I can’t manage to get google to accept our google reviews! We just wanted to say thank you to you all for a great service and for all your help over the last few months. We love our new home and cannot believe we actually got it! Danny was brilliant at the outset and I was always grateful to Jodie throughout for her hard work and reassurance- she was fabulous! Also very grateful to Carole, who never gave up with the solicitors :). Thanks again to a great team

Best wishes

R & J

Call the Chorlton & Didsbury team on 0161 882 2233.

Burford Drive, Whalley Range

Thank you so much for all of your and your colleagues efforts in dealing with the sale of 5 Whitelow Lodge. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with your office.

Call the Chorlton & Didsbury team on 0161 882 2233.


Whitelow Lodge, Chorlton

Good support to sell flat through what turned out to be a very long process – nothing to do with Brimelows. The photos and video of the property we top notch – great communications with Jodie who was very proactive in getting the property over the line.

(Google five star review). C

Call the Chorlton & Didsbury team on 0161 882 2233.

Alnwick House, Whalley Range

The team at JP and Brimelow looked after us in a friendly and professional manner throughout the whole process of our sale. From the initial valuation, through to the viewings, the negotiation of the sale, and finally the exchange and completion, they listened to and acted upon our requests and communicated well. This was a genuine team effort by everyone involved but we would like to give particular thanks to Carole, Jodie and Danny, all of whom went above and beyond to make us very satisfied clients. Thank you!

(Google five star review). A

Call the Chorlton & Didsbury team on 0161 882 2233.

Brookburn Road, Chorlton Green

Bought through JP and Carole was really responsive and helpful throughout. Went above and beyond to make sure I knew everything I needed.

(Google five star review). C

Call the Chorlton & Didsbury team on 0161 882 2233.

Nicolas Road, Chorlton

Just bought through JP & Brimelow, they were fantastic – particularly Charlotte with helping us progress the sale as quickly as possible.

(Google five star review). C

Call the Chorlton & Didsbury team on 0161 882 2233.

Ollerton Avenue, Old Trafford

We recently bought and sold in Chorlton through JP & Brimelow. The team were great in quickly selling our property. Throughout the process Carole was instrumental in ensuring our completion and exchange went through – it most certainly would not have happened without her. Her communication to us was exceptional, always keeping us updated through emails and on the phone and chasing the solicitors. Many thanks to the team for their local knowledge and professionalism.

(Google five star review). R

Call the Chorlton & Didsbury team on 0161 882 2233.

William Lunt Gardens, Chorlton

We recently sold our Chorlton flat and bought a 3-bed Chorlton terraced house, both through JP & Brimelow. We were very impressed by their incredibly hard work throughout the sale and purchase, especially since there was a lot of pressure to complete by the strict deadline of the end of September. Charlotte was absolutely fantastic: she was always at the end of the phone to assist us promptly with various aspects of the process and was instrumental in getting us to completion in time through her reliable communication with our solicitors and the various parties involved. We had originally wondered about using an online agent to sell our flat but are so glad we opted instead for a local estate agent, as the service we received was certainly worth it. Thank you to Charlotte and all of the team at JP & Brimelow.

(Google five star review). J & A

Call the Chorlton & Didsbury team on 0161 882 2233.


York Road, Chorlton

We sold our home in Chorlton and bought another one with JP & Brimelow, moving in September. We were really impressed with (and very pleasantly surprised by) the service we received. From Ryan and the valuation team, to Danny helping with our purchase, then Carole’s amazing work getting the whole thing over line in the face of a catalogue of hiccups and disasters, they made a complex and stressful process (in the midst of the hottest market ever in the summer) move and along calmly. When solicitors and surveyors went to ground and problems with our chain emerged very late in the game, it was Carole who calmly made the whole thing happen and stopped us going bonkers.

Eddie and team have a good model where you move from one specialist area of the team to the next as you move through the process.

The ubiquitous purple marketing around M21 & M16 may make you feel that JP&B is all slick promotion, expensive surface with no substance but, for us, this was far from the truth. We got proper customer service, felt looked after and received excellent value for money – shocking I know!

(Google five star review). B & V

Call the Chorlton & Didsbury team on 0161 882 2233.

Stockton Road, Chorlton Green